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The TCM Herbal Product for Weight Loss

The herbal mixtures are originally from Yunnan Province which is located in the South-West of China., where the weather is full of moisture and warmth, the place is also called “the spring city of flower”. This is why the plants in the area are rich and concentrated. Herbs that can be eaten as food like Konjac, Poria and Ginseng are very effective in treating any health condition or just to maintain health.

Pure Traditional Chinese Medicine products for losing weight

Main Ingredients: Polygonum multiflora, Poria konjac powder, Astralagus. Trace amount of Red Ginseng and other natural extracts.

The effect is amazing that it reduces

  • Reduces fat synthesis
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Excretion of excess oil
  • Regulate blood lipids
  • Regulate endocrine
  • Improves the body’s antioxidant function

The effect of herbal product is amazingly significant, it can be used by a person with any type of obesity, especially postpartum or after childbirth obesity, drug-resistant obesity, obesity cause by hormones, excess fat, edema.

Three principles for weight loss

  1. In order to lose weight faster, it is helpful to do a regular exercise to accelerate the body’s metabolism and avoid oily foods. The effect is significant for those who suffer obesity.
  2. One of the effects of Konjac herb is to prevent you from eating too much, it enhances the satiety, therefore reduces the cravings for food.
  3. The herbs will help to condition the body’s function, regulate endocrine, promote metabolism to improve sub-health to maintain good health. (Combining the herbal product and the three aspects will solve your problem of obesity.)


  1. Before taking the herb, take 3 tablespoon of vinegar three times a day (during or after meals). Any kind of vinegar is fine.
  2. On the 8th day, take the herbal tea for 3 days, please do not stop taking vinegar. And on the 11th day start taking the capsule.
  3. When you get up in the morning, check your weight and record it.
  4. Take a cup of warm water first before eating breakfast. Wait for 45 minutes before taking the herb. Take the herb with two bowls of brown sugar and 600 ml of water. It is best to consume all three before 9 am. For the next five hours drink a lot of warm water or at least 3000 ml (water with brown sugar). The product doesn’t induce diarrhea, it will be discharged thru the urine, so you must drink warm water.
  5. Do not drink cold water, you can easily get constipated. So in the morning take the weight loss product with water and brown sugar.
  6. Taking diet pills must be strict. Prohibited foods: seafood, fried foods, puffed food, pepper radish, beans, onion, ginger, egg yolk, chicken…
  7. Recommended fruit: dragon fruit nectar, papaya, cherry grapefruit, kiwi persimmon.
  8. Prohibited fruit: apple, pear, watermelon, grape flavor, more sour fruit, fructose large fruit, tropical fruit.

Do not take the weight loss product during menstrual period and cold period.

  1. Soak your feet in bucket with warm water, fresh ginger and salt, until you feel a little bit sweating.
  2. Have porridge and oat bread for breakfast ( do not eat sauerkraut bread stuffed), steamed bread, white.
  3. You can eat all kinds of vegetables like lotus, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce.
  4. You can eat lean meat but not chicken skin.
  5. Do not drink carbonated drinks, camellia tea, betel nuts chewing gum and tobacco coffee, milk, milk yogurt.


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